Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My Promise Land

What is my Promised Land? How can Becky or You help me get there? Those are the questions that have burned in me for the last 21 hours.

Well, I’m glad you asked that Becky because I had no idea and since I asked the Lord to show me my Promised Land visions and pictures have been flowing through my head uncovering my deepest desires that I had never thought much about. The Lord has been speaking to me with wonderful dreams and promises.

At first when we were walking around I began to think about what my Promised Land would look like, and it just involved me being skinny and having a nice family. Of course after that I threw in Miles being healed, but then fear came upon me. I began to fear that there was no Promised Land for me. I began to fear that there was nothing more than what I already had. This saddened me deeply. I realized that it couldn’t be true. I began to ask God what was my Promised Land.

Before he could show it to me he had to take care of some of my thinking. He revealed where I had been deceived about Miles. During the day yesterday through a teaching God began to show me that it was not Him that allowed Miles to die in his sleep, also that it was not Me that allowed Miles to die in his sleep by lying him on his stomach at night. It was my Enemy that came in to steal, kill and destroy my family by killing my son Miles. Randy and I from the beginning have been very firm about our stand on this subject. We stood firm wrongly. We believed that it was circumstances that allowed Miles to die in his sleep, and God’s goodness allowed us to find Miles in time to be saved. We were wrong. I expose the enemy for his crime. He killed my son Miles. He robbed from me. He will pay me back. The Lord will restore every heartache filled day and every tear that has been shed for Miles. The enemy is in great debt! Last night Becky called my name and told me that the enemy had stolen from me and that God was going to restore back to me what is mine. Those were the same things that the Lord had birthed in me earlier that day. Last night as we prophetically stepped into our Promised Land it was like scales fell from my eyes. I began to see that it was true that I had been deceived. I had been stolen from. As I realized this I broke. I wept before my sisters without even knowing they were there. It was like I was all by myself with my God and mourning that I had been deceived, and thankful that he revealed this to me. I know it had to happen before I could go on. I’m so thankful for such a safe place as my sisters presence. After I stepped into the Promised Land I so easily could recognize that my old land had been stolen from and that my new land is filled with restoration and glorious bonuses! Oh wait until you hear and see some of the goodies that my land is filled with! Victory came to my soul last night! My enemy has been defeated and death has no sting!

That was a very important thing I had to walk through last night before I could step forward into all God has for me! I love that it didn’t take forever for him to show me that. It was like I wasn’t ready until yesterday to receive that knowledge, and in one evening he changed my whole thinking and showed me the light about that night.

So, Welcome To My Promised Land! I will show you around to the future and the present. As I was driving home last night I was going to listen to more Bill Johnson on my iPod, but I felt like the Lord was calling me to dream with him about my new land. I asked him a simple question of what my Promise Land (or destiny) looks like and he began to fill me with wonderful and huge promises. He explained some things about me that I had not thought of before.

Of course I still get my first Promised Land of being skinny and having a great family, but Oh, There’s More! I came home telling Randy about all my promises and I felt like I was talking a million miles an hour. I felt for a moment that my dreams were too big, but then I took encouragement to that because my God is so big that my dreams should match!
God showed me that I was going to be famous. At first when I saw this picture in my head I tried to discount it because I mean…who doesn’t want to be famous, but the Lord was so sweet to say that HE made me to like attention. I always thought that I just liked it, and I’ve even felt bad about this before. He showed me that HE made this in me. He showed me the Books I will write. He said I will be a writer, teacher, and speaker. He showed me the name of Beth Moore, but he said I would be MORE with one O. Wow! That blew me away. He said that when people saw me that they would see Jesus. That they would feel him closer to them. He said that I would be very approachable. You know how some famous people (Even Christian ones) you feel like you can’t call them or talk to them because they have more important people to talk to or they are just too busy? Well, he said I would not be like that. I will be warm and full of the Holy Spirit.

My son Miles Cole Wilson will be totally restored this year, and because of the miracle that I will see first hand healing will be as big a part of me as breathing in and out. The healings that I have seen in the Spiritual jacks me up! The enemy messed with the wrong family. The wrath that we will take on sickness, diseases and death will not be pleasing in his sight. There are SEVEN of us Wilson’s that will see first hand the power of God at work and there will be no stopping us. To our very core we will know that our God is the One true God and that He is a Healer!

Also, last night I had to pull over and write something down that the Lord revealed to me. I wrote down that someone was going to give me a laptop. A nice one, and that I’m supposed to write for one hour a day expect on Sundays. My book will be called Rescue Me. I don’t know what in the world it will be about, but that’s the name. I will be looking forward to the laptop and writing daily with it. Look out Bestsellers List! Here I come!

So, there’s a glimpse. I expect that I will receive more and more about the plans the Lord has for me. I love that the first things that he’s been showing me are about me. It’s so easy for me to get lost in the background of my family, but the Lord is calling me forward. He’s making me famous. I’m blushing about this. Last night I asked Randy if he will mind having a famous wife and he said, “I already do have a famous wife.”

Come On God! Let’s Go!


A-lauf said...

I am excited to watch What God is doing. What a fun ride it is!

Francesca said...

COME ON!! I am so excited for you and for what you are already doing and are going to do that is going to impact our world. As I read your blog entry I just saw you on Oprah. And you looked hot. COME ON!!

Ashlee said...

I came to a similar realization about my sister's death. The enemy comes to kill, God brings life. The enemy comes to steal, God comes to restore. God does allow the enemy to attack us (Think Job) at times in our life, but He always restores and blesses after he sees whats been fleshed out in our heart. It's hard because it so often seems more then we can bear...but we prevail so it certainly isn't so. I could go into more detail but I already did (in the unmailed letter, doh!)

Blessings to you Brandi!!

Tangerine Tinselbreeze said...

Yes, that is what I am talking about. How great, how cool, how whatever the current expression of completely wonderful is. I used to think that I would be some kind of diplomat- ambassador type person, I have not allowed God to show me specifics yet. I do know that Joel will be famous too. I think at least half of our Body at KLF will be in the spotlight at some point in their lives. This is because we were created to be people of destiny. We were created to change the world and bring heaven to earth. Come on forerunnner go for it.

Brenda M Becker said...

What a lovely beacon of light God has made you. May your words change nations, for they surely have the potential.