Monday, January 15, 2007


Here's the Update: Randy and I talked again today, and then again today, and then again today.

I should have told Randy that I felt like I should take Miles to Bryan before I did it. If I had talked to Randy first then he would have felt more in control (or known what was going on) and he would have been able to be in agreement and then he could have entered into what God was doing. It would have only taken me a minute to tell Randy, and I should have. It would have been in the right order. I know Randy would have come with me or at least told me to go ahead. This was my fault. It put Randy in a strange position, and I'm sorry for that.

We're chalking this up as another trial and error as we try to do go through this whole thing with Miles. I'm glad it happened because I'm going to be an even better wife!

I love Randy. He's the best! He's so full of grace for me.


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