Monday, May 07, 2007


Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

This is an exciting verse.
Okay, let’s see here…if I delight myself in the Lord then I will get the desires of my heart. I guess I better find out how I can delight myself in the Lord!

Is this the sort of thinking that the Lord had in mind when he had this verse written? Did he know that I would be looking for a promise from him one day and because of my own self seeking nature I would decide that I would delight in the Lord to get my own way?

I looked up the word delight after I read Psalm 37:4 because if I’m going to delight myself in the Lord then desires of my heart will be given to me then I want to be sure to delight-right.

Definition 1. give somebody joy 2. gain enjoyment from something or someone

Okay, JOY. I can do joy right? Hey, wait a minute. How am I supposed to have joy first if I don’t already have the desires of my heart? If I had the desires of my heart then I could surly be joyful then. Sounds to me like the verse should say, “Lord, give me the desires of my heart, and I will delight in you.”

Well, it wasn’t written that way. I’m sure the Lord knew what he was talking about when he made the verse up. Surly he knows that when I delight myself in him that my heart’s desires will be fulfilled. Now, what if when I’m truly delighting in the Lord my heart’s desire changes? What if while I’m bringing him joy and gaining my joy from him that the things that I long for so deeply now become of little importance? I would guess that
I would be delighting myself in the Lord even more.

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