Thursday, May 03, 2007

I Will Be A Good Day Haver

Today has all the makings of a much needed good day.
After I take the boys to school I will take Jocie to her Grandma Shirley’s house. She always takes Jocie to Mother’s Day Out on Thursdays for me. They have a little morning time together before school.
Then I will stop by my mother in law’s soon-to-be house and paint a quick coat of primer on some bookshelves that Randy built for them yesterday. Very nice shelves!
After that I get to leave Melody with Randy while I get to go have my hair highlighted. I’m going to return home a blonde! I’m so excited about this! I haven’t got my hair colored by anyone in years. I’m excited about sitting down for a couple of hours without having to do anything but let someone play with my hair.
After that I’m not going to call Randy to pick up Melody.
I’m going to go try to find a cute outfit for my date tonight with my favorite person in the whole world. Randy has been planning a special date for me since Saturday because I won a bet. The loser had to take the winner of the bet out on a wonderfully planned date. I’m thrilled that I don’t know where we’re going or what we’re doing. I’m sure it will be fantastic.
So, my whole day should be great. I need it to be.
Oh, and somewhere in there I should be getting a call from my sweet pregnant friend to hear about how her appointment went. Hey, can I just publicly say that I am so excited about Rachel having a baby? I love that so many women are pregnant at our church! It’s so life giving. It makes me so happy to see all the new life. Pregnancy and Babies are exciting. Cherith, I think you’re having a boy. Did I tell you that? (I’m usually wrong.)
Anyway, none of that had to do with my good day in the making, but as a good day haver I can go off topic any time I want to. For instance, I do hate bananas. I don’t even like them to touch my hands when I’m getting them for my kids. It’s true. They gross me out, and I don’t like the way they smell.
Another random thing…life group was so good last night! I love the people that come to our life group.
Well, I must get the boys up for school now.
My prayer is that each one of us has a very special day.


Pamelotta said...

Wow, the "I Hate Bananas Club" is getting bigger every day! I'm ambilvalent about them. They have to be almost green, though.

I'm excited about your day!

Carolyn said...

You deserve a good day! Tell us about your date-the stuff you can share :) so we can have dates with our favorite people in the whole wide world too!!!!!!

Bloomin' Cactus said...

I'm so glad I was part of your "Good Day Having"!! Although, I'm sure my phone call didn't even compare to your date!! ;) I just love you!!

Start World Hunger said...

Erica hates bananas, too. I have to admit...that I bring them into the office and eat them at my desk partly to gross her out. I mean, I like them...but I'm sure if I really loved her, I'd eat them BEFORE I came to work. It's just so much fun to hear her get all worked up and disgusted over something that's being eaten 10 feet away from her. Hehehehe.