Monday, May 28, 2007

My first creative miracle.

Today I went to the grocery store because that’s what I do on Mondays. All the way there I listened to a CD from Patricia King. It was titled Empowered to Heal. I don’t want to move on to any more teachings until that teaching is deep into my spirit. I even think I want type it all out just for myself to help the words soak deep down into my spirit. Anyway, after I came home from all my errands Shirley got off the phone and she gave me terrible news. She said that Richard, Randy’s older brother in Colorado fell off a ladder while cutting tree branches, and crushed his back vertebra. She also said that he was in the hospital with a back brace on, heavily medicated, and that he will be on his back for 9 weeks.
My first thoughts were shock, then I made the decision that God is our healer and that he will heal Richard immediately.
After she left I hurried and put the groceries up. Then I ran to my room with Joey and Jocie. Miles was asleep and the other two are with my Mom so it was just us three. They had already heard Grandma telling me about Richard’s back so I didn’t have to explain all that. This is what I said to them, “Hey, we believe that Jesus heals don’t we?” They completely agreed. I told them that we were going to pray that Jesus heals Uncle Richard RIGHT NOW. Not later. Not part of the way. No gradual recovery. NOW. I asked them if they agreed and they did. Right away Jocie said, “I want to pray!” I let her go and she prayed with great authority! She knew who she was talking to, and she knew what she was asking. I prayed after her, and sent a healing angel from heaven to go to Richard’s hospital room in Colorado and completely heal him.
After praying I put on some soaking music and we all laid on my bed. I told the kids to ask the Lord to show us the unseen. We told God that we wanted to see Richard being healed. We wanted to see angels.
I was laying there quiet when I heard Jocie crying out to the Lord for her Uncle. It took me a second to realize that it was Jocie. After that I saw a picture of Richard’s hospital bed. I saw a large angel with golden wings touching Richard’s back. I saw ligaments and shattered bones coming back together. I saw him waking up and being completely healed. He was without pain and without need to a back brace. I also saw an angel with Teri (his wife) underneath his wing. She was filled with peace and comfort.

I have not received the call yet telling us that this happened, but I believe I will. Richard is healed in the name of Jesus. God has heard our prayers, and he has moved on our behalf. I will update you on the testimony as soon as I hear the great news.

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I am excited to hear the testimony