Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What are you saying R2-D2?

A funny thing happened today.

As you know I have a couple of Star Wars fanatics for sons. They love every episode! Spencer has been asking me for a long time for Episode 1 for his upcoming birthday. I really wanted to surprise him with all the episodes but I was having trouble finding them in the stores. I finally had the genius idea to look for them at They did have the movies, but they were very proud of them!!! It was going to cost me about $180 to get all six episodes. Then, I had the very genius idea of looking on ebay! Why did it take me so long? I did find several sellers that had the six episode set. I found one buyer from China that said his product was brand new, factory sealed and not copied. His price was unbeatable. I ordered Spencer the whole set from this seller for $36. I was so pumped!
Well, during coffee with Rachel today the delivery man rang the doorbell and I had to sign for my China delivered DVD's. I was so excited! I hurried to the kitchen and cut open the package only to find Chinese writing all over the covers. "Oh no!" I thought! I was afraid that I got such a great deal because I bought six episodes of Star Wars all in chinese!
I quickly sent the girls to their room (so they wouldn't tell Spencer about the surprise) then Rachel and I ran to my room to check out the purchase. I turned on the movies and they were in English with Chinese subtitles. Rachel and I were laughing so hard. Before the movie came on I was asking the Lord to heal the DVD's and make them speak English. All the DVD's have chinese writing on them, but they speak English. Whew!
I'm telling boys would have still watched those movies even if they were in chinese. Maybe they could have been bi-lingual!
Anyway, I thought that was funny today.


the_a_team said...

That is very funny! I've had something similar happen to me. I'm glad they're in English. Maybe after watching them the boys can teach all of us how to speak Chinese! We'll know what they're saying at China Star now!!

Well, we will if they talk about Star Wars stuff anyways.

Bloomin' Cactus said...

I'm telling you that Brandi did a great job of describing all of it, but it was a lot more funny being there than reading it!! It was absolutely hilarious!!!!

mccobbey said...

Did you know that the Fort Worth Musuem of Science & History is having a Star Wars exhibit? You should take your kiddoes! If you come, let me know and maybe I can hook up with you. I have a pass and I can take up to 3 extra people with me at a reduced price(that is if I leave the hubby at home and only bring Daniel.) Think about it!