Monday, May 21, 2007


Okay, surely I will have a update on here soon, but right now all I can say is WHATEVER!!!!!!

I'm so jacked up from this weekend!

This was the best weekend of my whole life.

I want to go to Heaven again today.


the_a_team said...

So do I!!! And I want you to touch me everytime when you get back! Being jacked up doesn't even begin to describe the way I feel right now.

Pamelotta said...

I'll take some more of that!

God's Warrior Bride said...

Me too - Me too! All I have done today is smile and smile and smile. One lady asked me what I was up to. I just told her I was up to Heaven. I don't she got it, but she will.

A-lauf said...

look forward to hearing about it