Thursday, May 03, 2007

Prophecy & Barrenness

The gates of hell shall not prevail. The Spirit of God says this year tremendous favor will be granted to My people, the elect of the Lord. Who is the one that would say I am the elect of God? Who is the one that would say, I believe that God has elected me, set me aside. The Spirit of God says there will be three great moments of favor that will take place during this year. This is your year to multiply and accelerate.

Your enemy has focused on this nation, made a declaration that we will bring to them great evil. I have made promises that I will not allow the enemy to dictate what shall take place in the month of March, May and October, three months says the Lord I shall grant an unusual multiplication of favor. Favor to those who are struggling, favor to those who cannot see the breakthrough. There shall be a destruction of barrenness, no more barrenness. Mark these words for tonight I give you three swords. Three swords of favor, they're in your hand, in your heart and in your life - you can use them or you can lay them down for somebody else to take. The Spirit of God says I will give you three months of divine favor. There will rise up an enemy the month before the favorable month. When the enemy comes against you like a flood, I will raise up a standard against him. There is a brand new dimension of favor I'm giving to you. There is a standard that I have set and My people will climb to a greater height. This year has been set aside for you to destroy the power of the barren one that is inside. No more barrenness only fruitfulness, this is My promise, now would you take this sword and use it says the Spirit of the Lord.

Okay, the month of May Favor. Lots of you read that prophecy and heard the word favor. I kept seeing the word barrenness. Seems funny that the “Fertile Queen” would even pick up on such a word, but it struck me deep when I read the prophecy on Erica’s blog.

No more barrenness only fruitfulness, this is My promise I began to think about places in my life that are barren. I decided to look up how barren was defined in the dictionary (because that’s how I roll.)
Here it is:
1. Bare of vegetation
With no trees or other plants growing.

2. Not fruiting
Producing no fruit or seed.

3.Unable to have children
Not able to bear children.

4.With no useful result
Not producing valuable results of interesting effects
*It was a barren period in his career.

5.Lacking in something
Lacking in a particular thing
*Our writers seem somewhat barren of new ideas.

I was so glad that I looked that word up because it was confirming to me about the barrenness that I felt when I read the prophecy. Usually when I think of the word barren I think of not being able to have children or something that is deserted.

Immediately when I read the word barrenness I thought of how my arms feel barren from not feeling my two year old run into them. My arms feel barren in the number 5 sense of the definition. They feel lacking in something…lacking in one particular thing.

My family has a sense of barrenness because it’s not fully functioning as the family of seven that they Lord had planned from the very beginning.

I could make a big list of other things that need fruitfulness in my life, but here’s the deal. I’m so consumed with this one area that I think I will just focus on that one. God knows my other areas that need to be transformed from it’s barrenness to fruitfulness. He’s more than welcome to attack those as he pleases, but I will focus on the one area that quickened my spirit as I read the prophecy.

Favor for those that are struggling, Favor to those that need breakthrough. Uh, THAT’S ME! THAT’S ME!

There shall be a destruction of barrenness, no more barrenness. In Jesus’ name may it be done according to your word Lord. Let there be no barrenness in my arms or in my family. Thank you Lord for your Favor and your Fruitfulness!

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