Saturday, May 12, 2007


Man, I'm already getting some flippin' sweet Pre-Mother's Day gifts! Randy was very generous on the on-line shopping for me last night! It all started by him letting me go on a Vistaprint shopping spree. Okay, is my favorite store! I'm a stationary freak! I'm sure you will get to see some of my plunder from there soon. I love that store. I guess since I was so thankful for that he continued with the goods. It's possible that there is no other Mother's Day Gift for me that doesn't include glue and noodles, and if that's the case I would have to say that I'm way pleased!
So, he bought me some nose rings. It's about that time where I can change my nose ring for the first time. I love the idea of color coordinating my nose ring with the color of my shirt. VERY cute!

And he also picked me out the CUTEST laptop carrying case of all time! Oh my looks like I designed it myself! I've been looking all over for a laptop case, but I have only found huge black ones. Yuck. He found the perfect one for me.

I love it! You knw what's interesting? Before Christy left yesterday I told her Happy Mother's Day. I asked her if Mother's Day was still about her Mom and Mother in Law. She told me, "No, not at all."
For me it's usually all about my Mom and Mother in Law. (My Mom kind of insists on it.) I always feel like I haven't quite made it to the time to be celebrated myself which seems totally weired since I have given birth and taken care of so many children. Anyway, I was thinking about that yesterday, and it was like the Lord came to my rescue, and used Randy's generous heart to bless me. I love that!


Francesca said...

I have felt that way also. Is mother's day supposed to be about me, the mother of Billy's children, or about my mom and his. Well obviously both. But I have felt overlooked at times. I am glad you were so blessed.

A life I live... said...

I do think it's about telling my Mom how much I love and adore her, and telling Darla thanks for being such a great Mom to my husband, but now I am a Mom and so therefore, for's like another birthday!! :) BUT! I can say that even if I feel that way, my husband may overlook it to be just another day. He did good, but I over do it when it comes to days like that. I want be LAVISHED on in my mind (breakfast in bed, carry me to the bathroom, taking care of the kids so I can take this big long nap, supper cooked for me, me me me) My mind tends to get me in trouble when it comes to that stuff! Bryan can't meet that expectation! No one could!
I will say that Bryan and the girl's made me a picture (which I'll post on mine) and it is my favorite gift of all!! I know it was made with love and that's why I love it!