Friday, February 23, 2007

Author To Be


My house cleaner came over today and she was talking about the book that she should write. She already has a name for it. It would be called "My Front Porch". It would be about all the crazy people that come to her house, and all the drama that they bring to her Front Porch. She said that it would be a bestseller for sure.
She's told me about some of the encounters that goes on at her house. I would read the book.

Okay, that was today.

This morning I ran into a lady we all know, but I don't want to uncover. She started telling me that she should write a book about her life. She talked about how the book would be about how half her life she wasted doing nothing, then she spent a few years wanting to kill some people, then she just got ready to die and now...(I can't remember the now). I was too busy thinking about this post. Anyway, it sounds a little dark, but since I know her I would read the book.

I know Franceca is going to write a book, Ashlee wants to write a book, Rachel feels led to write a children's church curriculum. You all know that my deep desire is to write bestselling books.


I felt like the Lord told me that I am going to write books, and that someone was going to give me a laptop (a nice one), and that I was to write an hour a day. Of course I've been waiting for the laptop to arrive. I even prayed about it again today. I haven't started the hour a day because the Lord hasn't given me the laptop yet so that word wasn't confirmed.
I say...I just start writing. I don't need a laptop to write! I don't need that word confirmed to begin writing my book. I can talk about my book all day long, but if I never write it then there will never be a book. So, my book writing begins today. I'm officially writing a book.

I would read my own book. I'm sure it will be great.


Pamelotta said...

I would like to officially pre-order my own copy. Signed by the author, of course! Get busy.

Ashlee said...

This post made me laugh because I often think about the same thing. My first decision is fiction or non-fiction. I believe I will be writing "soon" but soon is so relative. I'm waiting for a little more direction from the Lord on the subject.

Tangerine Tinselbreeze said...

I would like to suggest a flash drive. No matter whar computer you type on, if it has MS Word you can copy paste and edit. It will keep your work safe from crashes. Always, always back up to to flash, jump or an external hard drive. Then when you get your fancy computer. You will just upload via the usb port!I would like to preorder your book too.

the_a_team said...

I'm with Pam! I want to pre order an autographed book! Make it three so the girls can have their own when they get older. I'll also order some for my mom and beautiful sister!!!

High in Demand said...

Sure you can pre-order.

Make checks out to Brandi Wilson

Price $19.99
Canada $24.41

I did get started today. Good stuff.

Carolyn said...

I thought I'd been reading a book all this time........

Monica said...

Hooray Brandi! I too should already be writing my bestseller. Our blogging must be practice and a great place to inspire each other. I would also read your house keepers book,it would be hilarious. I would also like to put in my pre-order for your coming work!

ericaprosser said...

Start it on a blog and don't tell anyone where it is. It keeps everything in the order you wrote it, you can write or access it from anywhere, and unless the entire world wide web goes out, it's safe. You don't even have to use your real name, for added security.