Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Need Favor!

Hey, please pray for me on my new adventure! I'm selling one of Randy's houses. The ad will come out this Thursday, and I will be showing it. The whole thing is my job, and I've never sold a house before! I'm excited! I'm really excited because I get to keep the money from the sell! He's paying me 5% of the sell. I need favor and wisdom! I plan on using the money for a family vacation to the beach this summer. I really want to sell this thing quickly! I'm about to go put a sign in the yard. Then, I'm going to go to Wells Fargo so I can have a few Pre Approval forms on hand for interested buyers. I've already placed the ad, and I've also made me an awesome folder that has all the information that a buyer might ask. I want this deal to prosper our family!

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Francesca said...

Today in Intercessory prayer we prayed for the businesses of KLF. We prayed favor and prosperity. I declare this over you and Randy's business. I pray you have a seller fast and the process is easy.