Monday, February 05, 2007

Say Ah Pt. 2

Well, back from the dentist.

Spencer had a great check up.

Jocie refused to get checked. She freaked out. There was no way of making her. She did get a spanking and she happily took it to avoid the dentist.

Joey had three cavities and had to get fillings. My heart sank. I've been so proud of how well the kids teeth have been taken care of. They've gone to the dentist since they turned 2 and always it's been an enouraging perfect check up. The dentist was nice and he took great care of Joey. Joey took it like a man. He said that it was weird but fun. He was just fine and didn't complain one time. I'm so proud of him. Also, the dentist said that we need to make a consulation with the orthodontist. When Joey's teeth came in they came in crooked. (sigh)

Well, I left there feeling heavy hearted, but I've just decided to change my thinking. I take great care of my kids. Brushing teeth is important to me. I took care of Joey's cavities. That's all I can do. So one of my children had a cavity. My world shall not end.


Ashlee said...

Brandi--I do understand. When Lydianna had to have oral surgery last year I was so heartbroken. I have always brushed her teeth and she had been to the dentist every year. But her enamel was simply not how it was supposed to be and she had to get 6 caps. The dentist told me there was nothing I could have done but it still felt AWFUL!! I hate that she has all that silver in her mouth (although it is all in baby teeth and she is believing for them to turn gold -- not exactly sure what I think about that either) but I am happy that she has a healthy mouth now and that the enamel of her future teeth should be unaffected because we took care of the baby teeth. Be encouraged, Brandi -- you are a great Mom and your kids have beautiful smiles!!

Bloomin' Cactus said...

Yes, you are a great mom!! If the world came to an end because of a cavity, the world would have come to an end a long time ago -- just from my mouth alone!! You did get Joey's taken care of and Spencer's were perfect!! Makes me sad that Jocie was so scared!! It's got to be scary to see all of those tools in there and not know what the dentist might do. Maybe next time. Doesn't change the fact that you're a great mom!!

High in Demand said...

Thanks Girls.

Francesca said...

Well, I am with Jocie on this one. I hatehatehate going to the dentist also. I would happily take a pop to avoid it. It seems unnatural for a man I don't know to stick his hand in my mouth. But I do want a nice white smile and healthy teeth and gums. But I do see what all the fuss is about. I feel the same way.