Thursday, February 08, 2007

Botox Day

We’re off to Ft. Worth again this morning. Miles is having Botox injections today on his neck, shoulders, biceps, pecks, hands and I guess whatever else they decide to do. I’m mostly excited about this appointment. I’m excited at the thought of him having relief in his body. I think by Monday we should be able to see a difference in his upper body tone. He should be a lot more loose and relaxed. What a blessing for Miles!

So, today he has to get a lot of shots, but in a few days he should have great relief.


Brenda M Becker said...

I just adore that picture of Miles. I also adore Miles. I also adore you and all your family. Well, you knew all that.

Ashlee said...

How did the trip go? I'm so happy for Miles to get some relief!