Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What Have We Been Up To?

There hasn’t been a lot of going on in Blogville this week.

Maybe we’re all working out so intensively that we hardly have a minute to type.
Well, that’s not my problem.

Maybe we took Pam’s blog post about shooting our arrows into their destiny to heart so we’ve been shaping and molding them into the way they should go.
That’s not really what I’ve been up to.

Maybe we’re way too caught up with the latest gossip about Britney Spears shaving her head so we’re searching every gossip channel to get the latest.
That’s not been my deal.

Maybe, just maybe, we’ve taken up Kevin and Ashlee on their soaking suggestions and been laid out in the Spirit for the past 3 days.
Oh, I wish that was me!

Maybe we’ve been stuck in our regular routine of work, sleep, eat, clean, shower, laundry, cooking, bathing, shopping, work, sleep, eat, clean, shower, laundry, cooking, bathing, shopping…and we’re so dang bored that there isn’t anything interesting to talk about.
Yep, that’s me.


Ashlee said...

Thats kind of been me. I have been spending more time praying (and soaking) then usual but I think I've been so caught up in that and taking care of the kids that everything else has been a little overwhelming. My Mom is back at (her) home now so that makes things seem a little more normal but the funny thing is on top of it all I AM BORED! Isn't that funny? I guess its the Febuary humdrum. Come on, Spring!

Francesca said...

That is so me. I never lack for things to say and everytime I sit down at the computer to do a new post...nothing. Well nothing anyone would want to read. So I feel you, sister. I pray something amazing will happen to you and me today and we will have something awesome to share by tomorrow. Because althouogh you are super cute on you elliptical machine, everytime I would check your blog I was hoping for something new from you:)

Bloomin' Cactus said...

Yep, that's me too. Nothing too exciting going on. BORED BORED BORED, although I have a ton of things that need to be done, I just don't want to.

Carolyn said...

Mine is different(even though
I don't WRITE a blog-I am an avid reader!!!)
I was in the Metroplex this past weekend for my Nana's funeral. I only tell you (and all the comment readers) because it was a HUGE God moment! Seeing family because of a funeral is NOT the best way, but it was so sweet. My dad preached the funeral-NEVER have I heard a funeral sermon like that! There were several unsaved family members who heard what Nana would want them to know from where she is now-it was amazing! No immediate responses, but the gospel was given. Anyway, none of your friends know me and I'm just going on and on......The best thing, the thing Nana would have loved the most, was that she matched in every way, right down to her casket!!!! :) She looked beuatiful-like she hadn't been sick, and she didn't only weigh 85 lbs....it was a true God thing, because she looked like the Nana we all remembered before she went into the hospital in November.
So, that's why I haven't READ your blog since then....and at Bible Study/Weigh In this morning-lost another pound-even being around family, which always = eating incessantly!!!