Monday, February 26, 2007

Papel Higienico Sin Perfume (Unscented Bathroom Tissue)

How much toilet paper does your family use in a week?

Funny question I know, but it’s kind of interesting.
I go back and forth on what kind of toilet paper I buy. I also go back and forth on buying small packages and bulk packages. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to the seasons of toilet paper purchases, except for that I also have to buy the stuff.

Right now I’m buying the cheap Angel Soft regular rolls. I have to buy 2 packages (8 rolls) a week. I also like to buy the Double rolls of Cottenelle with Aloe, but that gets to be pricey. Plus, I don’t have a lot of storage places for extra TP so the small rolls are handy.

We have 7 people in our family. Miles doesn’t use the potty so that’s 6 people using the toilet paper. Plus, we have Christy in our house 40 hours so she counts as a regular TP user. Then, we also have life group in our home every week so on Wednesday nights we have up to 25 people here and I know a lot of them visit the restroom while they are here.
So for all those people it adds up to 792 Square Feet a week. That’s 3,168 square feet monthly. That’s 41,184 square feet of toilet paper a year for our family alone!

Now, when you answer on how much Toilet Paper your family uses every week you have to answer in square feet because every brand is different. If it’s by square feet then we won’t have to account for regular, double or triple rolls. You can find out the square footage on the package.

When Randy heard how many square feet of toilet paper our family uses weekly (being the home builder that he is) figured out that: How ever many square feet of TP you use weekly times 3 equals the amount of square feet you need in a house. _____X3=sq ft house you need.

So, I don’t know what made me think about this, but I’m sure glad that I have somewhere to release these strange observations of mine.


Pamelotta said...

I cannot answer this question because we do not use toilet paper. Just kidding. I cannot answer this question because I never buy toilet paper regularly and I almost never buy the same brand. When the kids yell, "Mom! I need toilet paper!" I grab a roll from our bathroom and it is then that I notice how many rolls are left and how long I have until I buy it next. Of course, if I go to get one for them and notice that they are taking the last roll, I will get it the next time I'm out. That is totally inefficient and I'm ashamed, but that's how it is. I do know that we use a lot because John is having a hard time remembering to flush the toilet lately and every time I find his business in there, there's a huge wad of the stuff covering the entire surface that could have been enough for three adults at least.
Is that enough information to participate in the survey?

High in Demand said...

I figured you made your own toilet paper Pam.

A-lauf said...
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Francesca said...

No rhyme or reason to the brand or how often I buy it, but I do know this. Don't EVER buy single ply. Ugh!

High in Demand said...

Am I the only one that keeps track of such things?

Monica said...

I recommend the Members Mark brand TP at Sam's club. It is a lot to store but well worth it. it seems to last much longer also, when I buy some temp TP it's just not the same.

Tangerine Tinselbreeze said...

We get the Sam's soft stuff. 5-6 rolls a week, I have the same overuse by my September 13th son. I thought I was alone.

Anonymous said...

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