Friday, February 02, 2007

My arms hurt!

In addition to my new regular exercise program I had an idea to enhance my body. I thought how great it would be to daily do my weight in half push-ups and half crunches. It sounded easy enough. When I told my idea to Randy he was surprised because push-ups are hard. I thought that it would be easy enough. Well, last night was the first night to attempt my body weight in crunches and push-ups.

I didn’t make it.

I decided that I would do my GOAL weight in half push-ups and crunches. That worked out great. I think that I will do it by faith that I will make it there. When I do get there I would like to do my current weight in half push-ups and crunches as a faith statement that I never want to be there again.

Let me tell you…my arms feel like jell-o. I just did my push-ups/crunches for the night and I can hardly type. It’s working!


Ashlee said...

Wow! Now that is MOTIVATING! I haven't added exercize yet, but I think I will next week. Life has been CRAZY!! I remember, when I was at school in Indiana (back in the 4 mile run days) I also did a lot of crunches. I've never been too big on push ups...but you are inspiring me! Thanks!

Francesca said...

I know the feeling. When you can barly lift your cup to your mouth tot get a drink. I have had some of those days. Keep up the hard work. God is going to make you succeed in all your plans.