Monday, February 05, 2007

Feeling Thankful

Miles has Medicaid for insurance. I love it! He gets it because of his disability.

My other kids don’t have Medicaid because we make too much moola. I love that too!

I got a letter from Kinder Hearts (Home health office) with the information about how much Medicaid is billed for Miles to have 40 hours a week nurse care. Are you ready for this whopping total? It’s $50,400 annually! $50,400. Say it with me…$50,400. When I heard this I was again filled with thankfulness for how great my God takes care of my family!

Add the annual $50,400 to the $10,000 a year for Miles therapy, at least $10,000 for equipment that he has (example the $7,000 wheelchair), also add $7,500 he get a year from social security which makes our house payment every month. Then, try to add up all the doctors appointments he has, Botox injections, and surgeries. Okay, and now try to add up all the medications that is paid for! His medications cost about $1000 a month. Add in all the testing he has had and 10 days in the hospital…I think he’s a million dollar baby!

He’s worth every penny!

I am overwhelmed with thankfulness to God for taking care of us.
I am also overwhelmed with thankfulness for what a great government we have that helps with Miles’ medical bills.

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Ashlee said...

That is a lot to be thankful for. I'm so happy you are not burdened over the cost and questions of whether or not to do things because of expense...I can't wait until Miles' healing is complete and you no longer need the Medicaid but in the meantime I'm happy that my tax dollars go to you! (I'm claiming that, okay?)